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Nanotechnologies are likely to have a huge impact on all our lives, not just because of the new products they may help create or even the potential safety issues which may arise, but because of the potential life-changing impact on our health, environment, societies and perhaps even our understanding of life itself.

These are big issues and many people think it is very important that there is a widespread public debate about some of these far-reaching consequences at an early enough stage - that means...now!

What are social and ethical issues?

Ethics and social issues overlap, but broadly speaking ethics is about right and wrong actions, and social issues are about trends, situations and conflicts in society. Often they do not have a single right or wrong answer.

In today’s society with its many beliefs and opinions, one of the points of social and ethical debate is that the questions are highlighted and discussed and a wide range of groups are empowered to develop an informed opinion.

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