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Nano in food

Nano in supplements

A food supplement is typically, a nutrient, such as a vitamin, or mineral, which is taken as a pill or drink in addition to the normal diet, or added to a food, which would otherwise not contain that nutrient.

Nano-sized vitamin and mineral supplements are already on sale, one or two in the UK, and of course it is possible to purchase all sorts of supplements over the Web.

Nano allows the minerals to be delivered to the body in really small parcels, so potentially increasing its absorption through the walls of the gut and improving its take up by the body.

Some have argued that since these vitamins or minerals are already found in the body that there should be little concern. However, some, like vitamin A, can be toxic in extremely large doses so increasing the bioavailability of such a vitamin might be harmful.

In addition, there are some products, particularly drinks, available on the internet using nano silver, platinum and other nano ingredients which experts consider to be of more concern, requiring additional safety testing before being approved for retail in the UK.

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