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Nano in food

On the other hand

People have different attitudes to food processing so some may welcome these developments and some may not.

Divided about additives

Some think there should be fewer additives and that we should just eat better diets; others don't like the idea of processed foods at all and think that nano will take foods still further away from their natural state. However, others feel that nano will enhance foods and provide safer and cheaper ingredients which do the job better.

Keep the best, bin the rest?

Some people feel that enhancing the nutritional content of foods in these ways might be useful. It could allow us to take more of the best bits of food and leave out some things which are less beneficial, like lots of fat and salt, and also to incorporate beneficial nutrients into a wider range of foods. But others think this is unnecessary processing of food and we just need to eat less of the bad stuff and more of the good.

Safety first

However everyone agrees that they want to be sure the appropriate testing will be done on the safety of foods using nanotechnologies before they are available for sale.

Question: What do you think about nano in food? Would you like to see these sorts of products or not?)

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