What will happen to
your views

Special report prepared

All the polls, questions and forums which are featured on this pilot site are there to help us understand what information different people want, in what form and how far away we are from that at the moment.

We will prepare a report of this information for everyone to see which will be circulated widely, featured on the Responsible Nano Forum website and emailed to everyone who took part.

Basis for fundraising

If the site is seen as useful we will use that report to raise funds and create the information for a more comprehensive site which will respond to these views and will cover the issues in greater depth.

Provide focus for debates

The Responsible Nano Forum, which developed the site, also hopes to run debates, public engagements and potentially other initiatives about specific nano issues and this input will help us decide what subjects are most important.

Make it available to government and companies involved in nano

However, we think it will also be useful to government policy makers, businesses and scientists who want to understand a bit more about what people think about nano and the issues which arise from its use. So we will make making sure that it is made available to those audiences too, we actually think they will be very interested.

Regular reports

In the future, when the site goes permanent, we will prepare regular updates on specific issues and produce an Annual Report of the site featuring those areas of most interest to those who have visited the site and the perspectives which are aired. This will be widely publicised.